Trimble Transportation

Company Description
Trimble Transportation is transforming the supply chain by empowering stakeholders—drivers, carriers, intermediaries and shippers—to connect via a common platform in order to integrate data and optimize procurement, planning and execution workflows to effectively maximize resource utilization. The unmatched combination of Trimble’s enterprise transportation management systems (TMS) and asset maintenance solutions for the back office, driver mobility solutions and routing and navigation capabilities enable customers to more holistically respond to the challenging transportation demands driven by today’s dynamic supply chain. For more information, visit:

Business Services

  • IT Solutions / Logistics
  • Operational Management

ELD (Electronic Logging Device)

  • ELD (Electronic Logging Device)


  • Fuel Management

GPS Tracking Devices

  • GPS Tracking Devices
  • HOS Tracking Systems

Mobile Communications (Telematics)

  • Mobile Communications (Telematics)

On-Board Communications

  • On-Board Communications


  • Fleet Safety Services / Solutions
  • Driver Safety
  • Safety Equipment

Information Technology & Services

  • Information Technology & Services

Wired / Wireless, Internet, GPS & EOBRS

  • Wired / Wireless, Internet, GPS & EOBRS