Green Charge, Inc.

Company Description

Green Charge, Inc. is a Central Ohio based company that offers a multitude of specialized environmental services, including EMERGENCY RESPONSE, UST/AST Install, Remove & Maintenance, spill containment/cleanup, erosion control, hazmat training as well as all services related ASTs or USTs. Green Charge, Inc. provides emergency spill response services with highly trained field personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Green Charge Inc. can respond to any incident in the Central Ohio area with the deployment of our readily available equipment. Our coverage area is typically within 2 hours of Columbus, Ohio. Upon being alerted to a spill, we will dispatch the proper vehicles and equipment to assure the event is contained and properly handled to all parties' satisfaction.

Green Charge services a wide variety of customers such as; spill management centers, insurance companies, transportation-related companies,  commercial business, any event where professional spill management is required, as well as local, state and federal government agencies.  Our Emergency Response services include highway/terminal related incidents, diesel fuel/gasoline/oil clean-up, chemicals clean-up, and petroleum-contaminated soil remediation.

Let GCI help you comply with your "SPCC" plan with our custom spill kits.  Any business that stores hazardous chemicals is always at risk for a potential spill. Should this ever occur, it is of prime importance to have the proper containment supplies on hand.  Green Charge Inc. can assist in specifying the proper materials for your site and then assemble a custom spill kit specific to your needs.  Compared to stock pre-built kits, this greatly reduces the overall cost, while maintaining the products best suited to your business.


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