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Company Description

Groeneveld is active in the transport, off-road, buses, railroad and industrial sectors. Our product range includes innovative products for automatic maintenance, safety and efficiency. Since 1971 we have pursued efficiency in logistics and it has seen our organization grow to a world-wide network, active in over 30 countries.

Logistics is a complex sector where efficiency, safety and durability are the keywords for success. Ever since the beginning, Groeneveld has focused on all aspects of efficiency - and it started with maintenance. In our own production facility in Italy, we develop several automatic greasing systems for trucks, trailers, buses and off-road equipment. Particular solutions for particular demands!

Next to maintenance, safety is an important issue in the world of logistics. Therefore Groeneveld developed Electronic Speed Limiters and Greensight, an Active Safety System. These products contribute to less damage, more efficiency in the use of fuel and it supports legislation.

Good logistics asks for good IT-solutions. Clever planning systems and state of the art board computers are creating an Intermodal Logistic platform for companies to optimize their logistics. Our IT solutions make it possible to manage the chain of trucks, ships and trains.

The fact that all these products and solutions are combined in one company, makes Groeneveld unique world-wide.

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