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Currently we’re installing our free $0 copay, $0 cost Telemedicine platform in trucking companies across the Midwest. Telemedicine is not new, but a state-of-the-art no co-pay no cost telemedicine is completely revolutionary. This will give all trucked and ALL employees (full and part-time) assess to free professional medical advice and prescription services at no cost. This will have the following affect:
1.       Immediately begin to lower employee and employer premiums by as much as 30% (see article)
2.       Allow ALL employee and their families access to professional medical advice and prescriptions that they might not have access to or require a visit to the ER or primary care doctors (at a significant cost and co-pay)
3.       Reduce absenteeism and keep your drivers on the road
4.       Increase employee retention – we’ll private label this free benefit under your company’s name
Please see the article below for a more complete description of what we’re seeing in this area of healthcare
You may say that you have telemedicine which may be true, however it’s not likely being used for the following reason:
High co-pay (as much as $39) and administrative costs ($10 per employee per month).
Complete lack of employee and corporate awareness
We solve these two problems immediately by eliminating all cost and managing and controlling the education and messaging continuously with your employees. All of this for absolutely no cost to the company or employees. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, we’d like to discuss this with you for 30 minutes at your convenience.

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